Top 10 ways you know you’re too into the NFL Draft …

In honor of David Letterman, here’s my Against the Grain Top 10 …

1. You actually Google Blake Bortles instead of Blake Bortles’ girlfriend.

2. You say the words makes plays in space and you’re not referring to an astronaut.

3. You know Sammy Watkins’ 40 time but you can’t find your car keys.

4. You go to Baskin-Robbins and order a “three-cone drill.”

5. You accidentally order Jadeveon Clowney for your kid’s birthday party.

6. You utter the words “in the second round of my mock draft.”

7. You refer to your cubicle as a war room.

8. You actually know what a 3-technique means.

9. You go to McDonald’s and order a Khalil Mack.

10. You DVRed Derek Carr’s Pro Day and it wasn’t even on TV.