Heath Evans says allegations on HBO against Auburn aren’t true

Heath EvansNew Orleans Saints fullback and former Auburn standout Heath Evans joined the show to talk about the HBO Real Sports special on players being played in college. The special had interviews with multiple Auburn players that claimed they were given money to play.

“It’s child play,” Evans said. “At best, it was story time.”

Evans said this was about the former players getting attention. “Everybody craves the spotlight that football creates,” Evans said. “You do a lot of things to cling on to that.”

Evans said HBO should have talked to some of the great players who went through Auburn, like Takeo Spikes. Guys like that never said they were paid.

“This isn’t Blue Chips the movie with Shaquille O’Neal,” Evans said.

Evans made it clear, he was never given inappropriate benefits. “Never once did I get a $100 handshake,” Evans said.

Evans did say that there were “opportunistic” women at parties when he was being recruited. Evans said that goes on at ever level of high-level football, and all the time he’s protecting his marriage.”

Evans did want to point out his work with his charity to help children who were the victims of sexual abuse. You can read about it at HeathEvans.org.