Top 10 Seton is soft Tweets

This is after Seton didn’t take a hit from Jeremy Roenick, like Paulie and McLovin did on Thursday …

@chrissyteigen why aren’t you at my shoot? there are 19 girls here but it’s supposed to be 20. not very professional, Sequin.

@jamesalfonso hey, what’s your wife getting you for Mothers Day?

@LRonHubbub is so #soft Tom Rinaldi plays him in the background to set the mood.

@erickrieger4 Its time to let up on Seton now. It’s getting old. She’s had a rough day.

DirecTV guide says you’ve been moved to Lifetime Network

@KeithRPG what color shape ups are you going to wear tomorrow?

@vad0106 does the dpshow gear store have scrunchies to hold back your hair while your jogging?

@rcthompson01 Are you gonna try to talk DP into getting wine coolers on tap for you

@joshbanda Rashard Mendenhall doesn’t believe you’re that#soft

Sleepnumber just called to say your sleepnumber is 2 . . . SOFT!