Rodney Harrison says James Harrison needs to change

NBC’s Rodney Harrison joined the show to address James Harrison’s critical comments about him.

Rodney explained what he said about James last season. “I was basically saying he needed to change the way he played,” Rodney said. “You don’t want to hurt someone or yourself.”

But Rodney wasn’t that upset about what James said about him — “The comments that really struck me were the comments about Commissioner Goodell,” Rodney said.

Rodney said he felt he was targeted by the NFL. But he came to realize that he needed to change the way he played. And Rodney thinks that Goodell is doing a good job when it comes to violent hits.

“He’s trying to protect the best interest of the National Football League,” Rodney said of Goodell.

And Rodney didn’t like how personal James got. “How do you make comments like that? That’s just flat-out cruel,” Harrison said.

Rodney said flip it. What if Goodell said those things about James Harrison? Rodney said it would have been totally unacceptable.

Rodney thinks that James will lose a lot of respect in the locker room for critical comments about Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall.