McLovin’s last-ditch effort to win MVP via poetry

With Dan’s Most Valuable Danette voting coming to a close, McLovin penned some verse to try to sway DP’s decision

Ode To Dan Patrick in 2011

Dan, 2011 has been a lot of laughs
From Chrissy Teigen to Seton’s ugly tatts

Fritzie grossed us out, with his raunchy MNF headlines
And McLovin made a bold call involving kicker Lawrence Tynes

Paulie got the hockey stuff in what Seton calls a desperation move
But it really doesn’t matter, because you’re always in a groove

Shea got suspended and moved from Austin to St. Paul
When fans see you in person, they say wow, you’re really tall

We had lots of great guests, from Jesse Eisenberg to Sheen
And the voters made it clear, they think Paulie’s mean

Ashton Kutcher was offended that you called him soft
Fritzie ruined three weeks of the show with his terrible cough

We went to Dallas for Super Bowl and froze our butts off
But that’s OK because you can always rely on Perloff

You once told me it was Paul, not John, who wrote Let it Be.
Dan, You always have been and always will be the true MVP