David Beckham explains why he stayed with L.A. Galaxy

L.A. Galaxy star David Beckham joined the show to talk about why he re-signed with Los Angeles and more. Here are some of his takes.

— Dan asked if he’s excited for the Super Bowl. “I haven’t gotten into it as much as I have basketball, but I really want to get into it,” Beckham said. “I’m kind of friends with Tom Brady.”

Beckham said that he once kicked a 57-yard field goal when he was doing a commercial with Reggie Bush.

— Beckham said he was honored to hear from European teams this offseason. But he said that ultimately, the Galaxy made the most sense.

“I wanted to stay where I was happy,” Bekcham said.

Beckham thinks that the game is growing in America. “I wanted to be part of that,” Beckham said.

— Beckham said he doesn’t get to watch as many international games as he’d like, because with four kids, he doesn’t have a lot of time. Beckham said he’s great at changing diapers.




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