Von Miller praised Tim Tebow and says he’s seen enough of Pats

Denver Broncos rookie linebacker Von Miller joined the show to talk about the Super Bowl and more.

Miller said that Denver quarterback Tim Tebow can lift more and weighs more than him. But he swears he can outrun Tebow.

Miller did say a lot of nice things about Tebow. “I love him to death,” Miller said. “He’s the most consistent person I know.”

Miller said the slowest QB he faced was Ben Roethlisberger — but Big Ben was hurt at the time.

Miller said teams overlooked the Broncos and weren’t ready for them in the second half of the season.

“When you give Bill Belichick and his staff two cracks at you, it’s hard to beat them,” Miller said.

Miller did say the Patriots were “rubbing it in a little bit” but it wasn’t as bad as some people perceived. Miller said he needs to keep his cool … he got into some chippiness at the end of the game.

Miller said Tom Brady was “pretty cool.” He said he likes the Pats quarterback.

But Miller said he is rooting in the Super Bowl. “I’ve seen enough of the Patriots,” Miller said.

Miller told Dan that people don’t like the Patriots because of all their success.