Le Batard weighs in on Guillen’s future in Miami

Miami Herald columnist and ESPN host Dan Le Batard joined the show to talk about Ozzie Guillen’s remarks on Fidel Castro.

“Any time Cuban politics are part of the discussion, someone like Ozzie Guillen is going to be a symbol,” Le Batard said.

Le Batard said in the Miami market, there is an incredible sensitivity to “50 years of pain and tears.”

“He would have been better off saying something racist or homophobic with this client base,” Le Batard said.

Le Batard said the Marlins are about to penalize Guillen. Le Batard thinks it’s about the reaction to this story that the Marlins are acting on right now.

Le Batard said a significant portion of the community wants Guillen fired, and he’s not sure how Le Batard gets out of this.

Le Batard said that typically the Marlins don’t care much about managers. He said that getting Guillen was a big deal as they rebranded this franchise. But Guillen said the one thing he probably couldn’t say.




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