Mitch Williams breaks down playoff race, says Braun should be MVP

MLB Network analyst Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams joined the show to talk about the playoff race.

Dan asked Williams who he thinks gets into the postseason in the AL: Tampa winning the East. Yankees are a wild card. And the Angels are the second wild card.

Williams said that he would vote for Ryan Braun for NL MVP. He doesn’t care about what happened last year. And Williams doesn’t think that Braun needs to make the playoffs.

Williams said the American League is tricky. He thinks Miguel Cabrera will win it if the Tigers get in. But if the Angels get in, Mike Trout is a lock. That being said, Williams thinks Josh Hamilton could be the default winner.

Williams thinks the Mets’ R.A. Dickey will win the NL Cy Young because he’s done it on such a bad team. And he likes Tampa’s Fernando Rodney in the AL.

Dan asked Williams if he liked playing for Bobby Valentine. “Bobby’s one of those guys who can’t seem to get out of his own way,” Williams said. “Bobby has never wanted the attention where it’s supposed to be … on the players.”

Williams explained that the movie Major League and Charlie Sheen’s character “Wild Thing” came before people called him “Wild Thing.” But Mitch explained he wasn’t 99 because of the movie, but because he was a huge Mark Gastineau film.




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