Peter King says Jets need to play Tim Tebow against Texans

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King joined the show to talk about the big storylines in the NFL.

King had some interesting comments on Tim Tebow and the Jets. “They have got to take the wraps off Tim Tebow and make him a legitimate part of this offense,” King said. “The skill players they have right now aren’t good enough. … He has to be part of this plan tonight for them to have any chance to win this game tonight.”

King is a big fan of the Tebow jump pass and thinks Jets management thinks they can be “nutty” and win games.

King said the nation will meet some of the big-time Texans defenders — especially defensive end J.J. Watt.

King had an interesting take on Reggie Wayne. During yesterday’s game, the announcer called him a surefire Hall of Famer. But King said in 10 years his numbers won’t stand out in a pack of great receivers.

That being said, King couldn’t believe how long Johnny Unitas’ consecutive games with a touchdown streak lasted. Because numbers have changed so much.

King also praised the Chiefs’ Eric Winston for calling out Kansas City fans for booing Matt Cassel when he got hurt. King said Winston is a player with a strong conscious.

King weighed in on Cam Newton, noting the postgame press conference when he looked really sad was probably not a good thing.

King said that the Redskins can’t just keep Robert Griffin III “stapled” to the pocket. But if he does run, he has to run out of bounds.